Progress Software is proud to announce the release of Corticon 5.5. With this release, we have added several major enhancements along with several bug fixes.

Corticon 5.5 Release Highlights:

Ruleflow Branching

  • Corticon now supports the creation of branches in a ruleflow. Branches in a ruleflow allow you to clearly identify the set of options/branches that your ruleflow needs to follow.
  • Branching can occur on either enumerated or boolean attribute types.
  • A branch node can be Rulesheet, Ruleflow, Service Call Out, Subflow, or another Branch container
  • New ruleflow branching capability is backwards compatible, and hence your existing ruleflows will continue to work as they do today even when you upgrade to Corticon 5.5

Reusable Rulflows

  • Corticon 5.5 now supports the concept of modularity by enabling larger ruleflows to be created by reusing other ruleflows.
  • The ruleflow editor now allows you to simply drag and drop a ruleflow file onto the canvas instead of rebuilding everything from scratch
  • This nesting of a Ruleflow in another Ruleflow can be done as many times as required
  • The effective dating and versioning follows the one set at the parent level

Annotations and Colors for Ruleflow Objects

  • You can now add color to objects on the Ruleflow canvas to enhance the look and feel of the set of objects. Each object on the canvas provides a color button to set that objects’ color.
  • Each object on the Ruleflow palette can also have text that you add to its Property tab Comments
  • These features allow you to better visualize a ruleflow and understand what the ruleflow does visually instead of individually looking into each rulesheet

Corticon Web Console

  • Corticon 5.5 supports a Web-based Server Console that provides a new, intuitive user interface to manage a cluster of different servers.
  • Multiple servers can be added or removed through the same console
  • Decision services can be deployed, un-deployed or modified from each server depending on preferences
  • The console also provides a spectrum of new metrics tracking the performance of the decision service—as well as the server—that can each be rolled-up or drilled-down as needed.
  • The new Web-based Server Console is platform independent and can be used on either .NET or Java platforms.

Improved Server Logging

  • Corticon now implements logging features that provide faster, more flexible logging functionality for production Servers and Studio tests. Features include:
    • Distinct logging of Decision Service actions - Filters let you mix your preferences for logging rule tracing, diagnostics, timing, invocations, and violations.
    • Simplified management of log files - Configurations can specify time and size thresholds for log rotation, retention time of automatically compressed logs, and logging of individual Decision Services.
    • Focused logging configuration - The file defines overrides for all the exposed logging properties.
    • With this new logging subsystem, the features and details that are logged are substantially unchanged. However, the performance of logging and the way that logging is configured, filtered, stored, and archived have been completely revised. The performance of logging has improved dramatically over previous releases, so that production deployments can use detailed logging without significant impact.

Execution Thread Pooling

  • In prior releases, Decision Service instances executed using Decision Service-level thread pools. When multiple Decision Services were executing on a Server, this could overload the server and cause poor performance.
  • With Corticon 5.5, Server-level thread pooling is implemented by default, and multiple Decision Services place their requests in a queue for processing. That allows the server to determine how many concurrent requests are to be processed at any one time.
  • The Corticon Server uses built-in Java concurrent pooling mechanisms to control the number of concurrent executions.
  • You also have the ability to allocate execution threads if you want more control the priority of certain Decision Services

Consolidated Server Installer

  • Corticon 5.5 provides one download package to install Corticon Server for Java, Corticon Server for .NET, and the Corticon Web Console - any one of these components or even all three.

Corticon REST Management APIs

  • Corticon 5.5 now also provides a REST management API so you can deploy and manage decision services by using REST calls.
  • You get properties like Deploy Decision Service, Un-deploy Decision Service, Get Decision Service Properties, Set Decision Service Properties, Retrieve Metrics etc.

Improved JSON Import and Export

  • Corticon 5.5 Studio's Ruletest menus now enable easy import and export of JSON formatted requests and responses.
  • The Ruletest's Testsheet menu offers options specific to JSON while maintaining the familiar SOAP and XML options


Further details of all the changes can be found in the What’s New in Corticon product documentation that is installed with Corticon and also available as a separate download (

Please discuss any questions regarding this release with Progress Technical Support using the SupportLink portal at


Best regards,

Ankur Goyal

Product Management, Progress Corticon