List of issues fixed in - Released March 2015

Issue ID: PSC00327104

Added a new property which allows users to generate a XSD/WSDL in the 5.3 style, which contains the "Type" as a suffix to the complexType values inside the XSD/WSDL. The property is in


With Corticon 5.3 Deployment Console, when a WSDL was generated the resultant types contained a "Type" suffix, such as the following:

<xsd:complexType name="CorticonRequestType">
<xsd:complexType name="IndividualType">

But with 5.4.1 Deployment Console, the WSDL generates names without a "Type" suffix, such as the following: 

<xsd:complexType name="CorticonRequest">
<xsd:complexType name="Individual">


List of issues fixed in - Released February 2015

Issue ID: PSC00325342

Fixed a problem in the WSDL schema generated for Decision Services. The schema erroneously included the suffix "Request or "Response" on ExecutionProperties. This could cause WSDL validation errors.

Issue ID: PSC00325368

Fixed a problem with the start script for the stand alone Deployment Console included in The .bat files are now located in the proper directory.

Issue ID: PSC00325572

Fixed a problem in the Rulesheet editor where CDT labels could disappear from the Condition dropdown menu for a Condition row. This would occur when using an attribute with an enumerated CDT that has labels defined in a Condition row, the labels would disappear from the dropdown for any rule column after hovering the cursor over the Condition expression in order to see the value set tooltip.

Issue ID: PSC00325746

Fixed a problem where invalid CDT values were not flagged as errors when used in Condition expressions in a rule sheet. This would occur if the CDT was defined with values but not labels. Condition expressions of the form "<attributeRef> = <enumerationLabel or Value>" will now be flagged as in error if an invalid CDT value is used.

Issue ID: PSC00325754

Fixed a potential name conflict problem in compilation of rule sheets using the "new" operator.

Issue ID: PSC00325876

Fixed Link Error that occured when trying to create Assembly.dll using CompileAssembly.bat for .eds files when business object dll's had external references to other dll's and system dll's.
Issue ID: PSC00325969 Fixed a problem in compilation of rule statements with the use of the "new" operator in a rulesheet. An error would occur with rulesheets that post messages with attribute references against newly created entities in a non-conditional rule.

List of issues fixed in - Released January 2015

Issue ID: PSC00324743

Fixed the issue where the contents of a rule column(s) are changed to dashes when the selected column(s) is expanded using either the Expand Rules option or by double-clicking on a specific column. 

Issue ID: PSC00324751

Fixed the issue of a false conflict identified by Check for Conflicts when an action row is disabled.

Issue ID: PSC00324979

Fixed an inconsistency of CDT behavior while modeling rules; invalid CDT values in a rulesheet are now flagged as an error whether the CDT definition in the vocabulary includes values or values and labels.

List of issues fixed in - Released December 2014

Issue ID: PSC00316522

Fixed the installation error message when erroneously installing a 64-bit version of a Corticon Studio service pack into a 32-bit version of Corticon Studio. Only 32 bit versions of service packs can be installed into 32 bit versions of Corticon Studio.

Issue ID: PSC00321331

Fixed the handling of trailing spaces in files. Trailing spaces in a property value were causing the property to be ignored and Corticon to revert to the default setting.

Issue ID: PSC00321818

Updated the Microsoft SQL Server data type mappings for EDC. The SQL Server "Date" type is now mapped to the Corticon "Date" type.

Issue ID: PSC00322640

Fixed a problem in executing Decision Services with JSON payloads. Previously associations would fail to get assigned when Entity and Associated Entity are the same Entity. 

Issue ID: PSC00322680

Fixed the display of Decision Service WSDLs in the Server Console when the Decision Service name contained a space. Previously the Server Console would not display the WSDL correctly. 

Issue ID: PSC00323648

Fixed an issue where child associations are not retrieved with database enabled filter expression using other "Entity.Attribute" as its value.