Progress Software is proud to announce the release of Corticon 5.4. With this release, Progress continues to improve the performance and integration capabilities for the industry's leading cross-platform BRMS.

Corticon 5.4 Release Highlights:

Simplified installation and user interface

  • A simplified simpler Start menu
  • A single, unified Corticon Studio (Corticon Studio for Analysts no longer available, but previous projects work seamlessly)
  • Standard location of scripts, samples and source files
  • Tighter integration between Corticon Studio in Eclipse with Progress OpenEdge

Corticon Studio

  • Ruletest – Added options to exclude selected attributes in output from comparison, and to suppress message by severity
  • Eclipse 4.3 – Corticon development environment upgraded from 3.7.1 to 4.3
  • Available as 64-bit

Java and .NET server and deployment

  • Pacific Application Server (PAS) –
  • Replaces the bundled generic Tomcat application server. PAS tailors Apache Tomcat as a production server by replacing the default Tomcat ROOT Web application with a ROOT application that enhances security in many areas.
  • Easily create and run more than one instance of the core server, and configure them separately to function in either a development or production environment
  • JSON RESTful interface for execution of decision services – You can create Corticon requests in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), a text format that gives you an alternative to XML.
  • Additional .NET infrastructure versions - .NET now supports IIS 8.0 and 8.5, as well as .NET Framework 4.5.

Server logging

  • Environment and license information included when a new log file is started
  • Performance monitoring

Studio and server properties

  • Easier access to override properties
  • Ability to use multiple custom override files, which makes it easier to move in and out of various log paths and log levels

Further details of all the changes can be found in the What’s New in Corticon product documentation that is installed with Corticon and also available as a separate download ( You can also access it by visiting the knowledge base section at

Best regards,
Ankur Goyal
Product Management, Progress Corticon