Corticon BRMS 4.0 was first released in June of 2006, and has served hundreds of our customers well for many years, but the countdown to its retirement has begun. After October 31, 2014, Corticon BRMS 4.x will no longer be fully supported by Progress Software.  

If you are using 4.x today, we encourage you to consider upgrading to 5.3.3, or the latest version of 5.x at the time of your upgrade.

Support During Retirement Phase (until October 31, 2014)

Progress Support services will continue as normal throughout the course of the retirement period. Progress may issue service packs or hot fixes as needed to correct severe defects.

Support After Retirement Phase (after October 31, 2014)

Progress Support will continue to use “best efforts” to assist customers with product problems, but will no longer release code updates or changes to version 4.

Planning and Implementing Your Upgrade

If you are currently subscribed to an annual maintenance contract for Corticon 4.x products, you are entitled to upgrade to current versions of equivalent products at no charge. You will need new license keys to activate the software, however. Please contact Progress Support at

We recommend upgrading to version 5 in three steps:

  1. Upgrade your software and all rule assets files to the final version of 4.3, which is 4.3.2 build 1176, available on your ESD download site. Each release in the 4.x family contains an automatic upgrade feature that converts older files into the new format when these files are opened in the new version of Studio for the first time.
  2. Upgrade from 4.3.2 to 5.3.3 (or current version of 5.x). All releases of Studio 5.x upto verison 5.4.x include an upgrade wizard to help you. The Corticon Migration Guide, included in Studio’s Help, demonstrates how to use the upgrade wizard.
  3. Thoroughly re-test your upgraded Studio files to ensure their behavior remains the same.

Getting Help With Your Upgrade

Progress Professional Services has extensive experience with upgrading customers from all version of 4 to 5. They can review your version 4 rule assets, identify areas of risk, train your users on version 5, perform the upgrade and retesting, and even suggest modifications to improve performance or take advantage of new features. To engage Progress Professional Services, please contact