How to find Gaps in the Effective Dates for a set of ruleflows

Suppose you have a decision service has several  versions  deployed (using different ruleflows and possibly different  effective dates.

How do you find out if there are any gaps in the effective date range?

How can you find out which ruleflow(s) are effective on any particular date?

Obviously you could open up each ruleflow one by one in Studio and look at the dates and try to figure it out. But suppose you had dozens or hundreds of ruleflows then it would be quite a tedious task.

Fortunately this process can be automated.

And, since this is a business rule, we’ll implement it in Corticon.

The process will be as follows:

  1. Import into Corticon all of the ruleflows to be considered (this can be done using the APIs)
  2. Find the start and end date of each ruleflow
  3. If there is no effective date then use 1/1/1960
  4. If there is no end date then use 1/1/9999
  5. Look for dates when no ruleflow is in effect.