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Resource Allocation: Assigning Berths to Ships

Use Case Assign ships to appropriate berths at a port based on matching ship size and requirements...
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Decision Views - A way to partition rule sheets for different audiences

Real world decision tables can get very complex. The question is how to better manage the complexity...
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Transportation Pre Call Rule Modeling Case Study

Introduction This decision modeling case study examines how the Corticon provides a way to automate...
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Medical Claim Processing

The Business Use Case Review: Cases in which medical expenditures and/or reserves each reach $3,000...
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How to Create Custom Rule Messages In Corticon

By attaching rule statements to the rule columns Corticon provides an automatic mechanism for providing...
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Using Corticon to transform/reformat Input Data

Use Case Description Use a Corticon decision service to transform/reformat input data to output data...
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The Corticon Decision Modeling Methodology - A Case Study - Simple Agricultural Benefits Eligibility

Introduction This decision modeling case study examines how the Corticon provides a way to automate...
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How to Use Rollbase as an Application for Managing Parameterised Rules in Corticon

The Use Case In order to put rule writing into the hands of the business users there are a couple of...
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The Corticon Rule Modeling Methodology Applied to FEMA Disaster Assistance Fraud Detection

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Sample Applications based on the “Skydiver” pattern using Rollbase and Corticon

A selection of simple examples using the Corticon Skydiver pattern and Rollbase as the user interface...
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How to Determine Leap Year using Corticon

The attachment shows some rule sheets that can be used to determine if a particular year is a leap year...
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How to Connect Corticon to an On Premise Rollbase Instance

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How to Create a Rollbase App in 20 Mouse Clicks

Rollbase provides a mechanism that allows you to import from a spreadsheet. This can be used to create...
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How to Control the Corticon Server using Web Services Calls from Rollbase

The attachment describes how you can use Rollbase to manage multiple Corticon servers running on different...
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How to Deal with Uncertainty in Rules

Suppose I tell you I have a yellow object and ask you to identify it. It could be (among many other things...
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