The Use Case

Enterprise Data Connector provides Corticon with an easy way for rules to connect to a database.

It can either automatically retrieve records that are required by the rules (at the point where they are needed) or you can control when Corticon reads records by using the “Extend to Database” option.


In most cases EDC is the simplest approach. It requires no knowledge of SQL  or databases to be able to use it.


However sometimes you have rule authors who are also skilled SQL programmers who would like to be able to write their own SQL queries (e. SELECT BALANCE FROM ACCOUNT WHERE ACCTNO=12345)


Can this be done in Corticon?


Yes, Of Course!



It does require that you write a generic extended operator that can submit the SQL query to the database on behalf of Corticon. So you will need to know java to do that.

An extended operator can only return a single value (String, Integer, Decimal, Boolean, Date) so you must ensure that your SQL is properly constructed.

If you want to return a set of rows then you will need to do it with a service call out (or just use the standard EDC mechanism that’s already built in to Corticon)