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Resource Allocation with Inheritance

The Use Case

We want a decision model that can allocate tasks to resources based on matching the task requirement to the resource capability. As part of this process we’ll want to calculate the total cost of each possible assignment of resource to task.

The total cost of an assignment will be the task duration * the resource cost.

The problem is complicated by the fact that our resources can be:

  1. Humans (costPerHour=baseCostPerHour + additionalCostPerHour)
  2. Equipment (costPerHour=fuelCostPerHour + maintenanceCostPerHour)
  3. Robots (costPerHour=baseCostPerHour+ fuelCostPerHour + maintenanceCostPerHour)

And since each of these different kinds of resources have different attributes associated with them how do we model the vocabulary and write appropriate rules?

Rule model available for download here: