The Use Case

In order to put rule writing into the hands of the business users there are a couple of approaches:

  1. Give them a copy of Corticon Studio and allow them to modify the rules – this assumes that they are skilled in rule modeling using Corticon. This approach gives full access to all parts of a rule model.
  2. Give them a simplified interface which limits and controls what part of which rules they can change – typically this interface allows a business user to change the values or thresholds that are used in the underlying Corticon rule model.

This is referred to as “Parameterized Rules”In this document we’ll explore approach 2 – Parameterized Rules.

There are several options for the Parameterized Rules approach:

  1. We could simply allow the business users to go to the database holding the parameters and change them. The danger of course is that there are no controls over what values they might enter.There may be conflicting entries or the entries may not be complete.
  2. We could create a java application that manages the “rules” or “parameters” – but this would involve a significant amount of development effort.
  3. We could use Rollbase Rapid Application Development to create a parameter management system. In this approach we can then use Corticon to help validate the parameters that are entered by the user.

In this document we’ll show how to accomplish option #3.