XXXX is a content repository for sales collateral which we make visible in a lot of our applications.

Three sets of rules

Group 1 Only show content with specific types of metadata in specific applications
1. Only files with type ppt or pptx visible within our presentations app
2. Only files tagged with “Product 1” appear in our Teams Application
3. Only files modified within the last week appear in recently accessed items in our SPP application

Group 2 Tie Permissions to Specific Business Rules
1. Director level people with role of analyst has permission to use our ad hoc reporting tool
2. In Tenant A, Users in group B can only download assets on mobile devices
3. In Tenant B, Users in group C can only see opportunities in the West District in our SPP app

Group 3 Workflow Rules
1. Every week push reports A and B to all manager level role people in tenant D except for the West Region
2. If an opportunity’s DQI (Risk Metric) in Sales Process Pro drops below 20% email Sales VP’s a warning
3. If a Question that appears in multiple RFP’s is updated, retroactively kick off a flow to update all prior RFPs in which the question appears.