When a patient comes into the emergency department, the patient information gets captured. Then an ETL that executes every 4 hours and get this captured information into a SQL Server database. A program then executes that scores the risk factor of these patients based on certain parameters like blood glucose levels etc. The patient is given a risk score from 1 to 10. Where 1 being patient with least amount of risk and 10 being the high risk.

A care navigator is assigned to a patient. Care navigators can have many patients under them. Using a UI the care navigator can create lists of patients based on their risk factors. A patient can be added or removed from a list based on their risk score.

For patients who are kept on high risk list, a workflow needs to be executed. The workflow steps could be:

  1. Call the patient
  2. Make appointment for the patient
  3. Order medications and other diabetic testing supplies for the patient