The rule is described in the attachment as:
This business rule reflects TRS’ authority to establish optional group health benefit plans for retirees, dependents, surviving
spouses, or surviving dependent children.
However examining the detailed tables in the appendix seems to suggest that the purpose is to determine the premiums
payable for the various plans – we’ll go on that assumption for now since the notes in the appendix state:
The two charts list the plan codes (Premium Costs Rate Sheet 2012 & MA Internal Rate Sheet 2012 - 2013 with
codes) used to determine premium rate. One is for the Standard TRS-Care Plans and the other is for the Medicare
Advantage Plans.
The fact that there are two plans to consider suggests two subcomponents (one for each)
In order to determine the premium for either plan a number of factors are considered:
1. The plan
2. The years of service
3. Various combinations of situations of retiree, spouse and dependents (codes shown in red are used to identify these
various combinations)