The USERV Auto insurance use case was developed in 2006 as a standard business rule use case that all the vendors could implement so that prospects would have a common example to use when evaluating the vendors. Back in 2006 this was a prominent feature of the Business Rules Forum. Each vendor would present their solution to the entire conference. Corticon’s solution was originally implemented using Corticon 4.3.

The original USERV Use Case Specification is in the appendix.

The Decision Modeling Community has decided to revive this example so that vendors can highlight the new rule modeling features they have added to their products since 2006.

I’d appreciate everyone’s help in reviewing the model to do a number of things:

1. Look for any silly mistakes, misspellings etc.

2. Look for improvements we can make to the rule model structure

3. Identify where we can show off any new Corticon features added since 2006

I’ve upgraded the rules from 2006 and added natural language expressions for all the conditions. I also organized the rule sheets into folders of related rules.

Back in 2006 we used a custom C application to interface with the rules.

Today we have an opportunity to make use of the Telerik products to produce a nice interface for executing the rules (although that’s not really a feature of the rules engine)

Attached is a walk though of the rule sheets that make up the solution.