Corticon takes the Decision Management Community November 2014 challenge.

The Decision Management Community is an organization for DM practitioners by DM practitioners. Their monthly challenge is fun and exciting for everyone in the community. It also provides a basis for comparing how challengers present clear, solutions.
The November 2014 challenge, Who Killed Agatha?, was solved using Progress Corticon with the attached solution.
Note how the solution is not presented in advanced mathematics or Java code, but rather in logical language about
relationships, associations, filters, and conditions.

Problem Definition
Someone in Dreadsbury Mansion killed Aunt Agatha. Agatha, the butler, and Charles live in Dreadsbury Mansion, and are the only ones to live there. A killer always hates, and is no richer than his victim. Charles hates no one that Agatha hates. Agatha hates everybody except the butler. The butler hates everyone not richer than Aunt Agatha. The butler hates everyone whom Agatha hates. No one hates everyone. Who killed Agatha?

Although this is not typical of the kinds of rules that we see in business it can still be modeled using decision tables and the model can be executed to produce a solution.

Have a go at solving it yourself with Corticon before you look at the solution - post your solutions here.

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