Quite often Corticon customers use the Admin APIs to programmatically access API's for functions like Execute, Remove Decision Service, Add Decision Service, Pre-compile Ruleflow, Get CcServer Info, etc. Java examples are provided in the testServer.bat and testDeployeConsole.bat or the java files included with the Corticon Server for Java installation. Similarly, if you have Corticon Server .NET installed, you'll find sample code in the ServerApiExample.cs file. But what if we would like to consume those methods over the SOAP protocol?

You can use SOAP to execute all Corticon Admin methods.


In the open source SOAPUI tool this looks like this. All operations are exposed and can be invoked from the SOAPUI interface.

For OpenEdge programmers, there is the ability to generate OE ABL code automatically based on the Corticon Admin WSDL interface. Use the Progress “bprowsdldoc” command line utility against the appropriate WSDL file then open the generated index.html file in their browser.  The OperationIndex.html that is generated gives the 4GL code that you need (i.e. you can copy/paste it).