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Sample Corticon .Net client


Sample Corticon .Net client

  • I am evaluating Corticon for my company and am looking for the .Net sample client mentioned as being included in the Server install. The evaluation download didn't seem to include that install: PROGRESS_CORTICON_5.3_STUDIO_FOR_ANALYSTS. 

    Wondering if I got the wrong download? Or, at any rate, how to get the C# .Net sample client.

    Fiske Miles
    NIC, Inc.

  • The C# .NET Sample Client is available with the Corticon .NET Server install.

    It would be available under C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Corticon 5.3 .Net\Server .NET\samples

  • Don't have a Corticon 5.3 .Net folder under Progress folder.


  • You would need to install Corticon .NET Server using the installer

  • Is that included in the evaluation download? We haven't bought the product. Just comparing it with other available BRE products.


  • The .net samples are not included in the Studio eval download but I can send you a sample later today.

  • Thanks!

    We are also considering InRule. We're concerned about the Java/.Net interface, so it's critical to get a good understanding of how Corticon integrates with .Net apps.


  • Here’s a small fragment that shows how Corticon can be invoked in-process from .NET.

    Its code that might be in a button that sends some data from the screen to Corticon for evaluation.

    The bold line is the important one

    private void btnExecute_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


               string DECISION_SERVICE_NAME = "Skydiver";

               C_Applicant lC_Applicant = new C_Applicant();

               lC_Applicant.StrName = txtName.Text;

               lC_Applicant.IntAge = Convert.ToInt32(txtAge.Text);

               lC_Applicant.BlnSkydiver = chkSkydiver.Checked;

               ArrayList llistObjects = new ArrayList();



               iICcServer.execute(DECISION_SERVICE_NAME, llistObjects);


               C_Applicant lC_ApplicantReturned = (C_Applicant)llistObjects.get(0);

               txtRating.Text = lC_ApplicantReturned.StrRiskRating;


    You would create an instance of the Server using code like this

           public static ICcServer createServer()


               ICcServer lICcServer = CcServerFactory.getCcServer();







                return lICcServer;



    The full documentation is provided with your install of Studio.

    Do a search of .NET and you will also see some examples there.

    You can also execute Corticon as a web service when the server is installed (in IIS, Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic etc).

    The .NET code for that would be the same as any standard web service.

    In that case client then doesn’t need to know whether the server is .NET or java.