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Corticon 5.2.0 sample c# code?


Corticon 5.2.0 sample c# code?

  • In the folder :

    C:\Corticon\Samples\Client.NET\C# Client\InvokeDecisionService

    with the 5.2.0 version NO sample code is included in the install - just a .exe in the bin/debug folders

    Where can we find this sample code?

    I have the 4.3 sample code but the interface seems to have changed.

    Is there documentation on this also?

    I wish to call the service from my application c# code but need a sample/documentation.

  • There is no .NET Server offering in v5 ( 5.0, 5.1 or 5.2 ). Hence there is no C# sample code available with the installer.

    The .NET Server is offered with version 5.3 . Once 5.3 is  installed , you would see Examples/sample c# code available that can be used as reference. The examples will be available under CORTICON_HOME\Server .NET\samples