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Corticon upgrade from 4.1 to latest


Corticon upgrade from 4.1 to latest

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I am required to work on a project which has old version of corticon (4.1). Unfortunately we don’t have old studio/server (4.1) at the moment.

I downloaded latest version of studio(5.7) and realised it’s not compatible with the old version.

Can anyone please tell me how to upgrade it newer version. I am unable to find compatible studio/server.
Can anyone please send a link to download server and studio 4.1 version along with few documentation. 



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  • To complete your upgrade to latest version you will need to perform a few steps. First, you will need to upgrade the assets to the final 4.x release of 4.3. Then you will need to upgrade to 5.4, as this is the last version of 5 that includes the import wizard for 4.x assets. Finally you can upgrade to 5.7.
    If you have a valid support contact, then you are entitled to download previous versions from the electronic software download site:
    You may have to submit a request to have the previous versions added to your account for download.
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