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Corticon Server 5.7 as a Service & Permissions


Corticon Server 5.7 as a Service & Permissions

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Hi Corticon community,

I installed Corticon Server 5.7 on Windows Server 2012r2 and registered it as a Windows Service, as the service needs to run without users logged in and can restart automatically after a reboot.

When running the service with a useraccount, that is member of a local Administrators group on the server (or start the service with the standard local system account), the Corticon Server Windows service has insufficient permissions to create or modify files like CcServer.log, ServerState.xml etc. Log-files like catalina.out, commons-daemon etc that are handled by Tomcat, are created and modified without a problem.

When I manually start Corticon Server (startServer.bin) as the user that is member of local Administrators on the Windows Server, the PAS-Corticon command line window shows that Access is Denied on the log-directory, even though the log-directory has full permissions set to the usergroup Administrators.

So even though a user is a member of an Administrator group with full permissions, the user does not have sufficient rights to write log-files or ServerState.xml. 

When manually starting Corticon Server as Administrator, all files like CcServer.log, ServerState.xml etc are accessible. But this is not a wanted situation, just like putting full acces rights for every user on the CorticonWork directory.

I put Run as Administrator privileges on tomact8.exe, tomcat8w.exe, with no luck as well.

Can anyone point to what we are missing here and how to get Corticon Server 5.7 running as a Windows Service, with sufficient privileges?

Thank you.


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