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How can i remove transient variables


How can i remove transient variables

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Hi everyone,

I want to remove transient variable once its used.The problem here is everytime a new transient variable is introduced in vocabulary all existing test sheets when executed shows warning sign because of transient variables.I want if anyone has idea to remove transient variables

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  • Is the issue that your remove a transient attribute from your vocabulary and then rulesheets are shown in error? If so, check if the rulesheets in error use the attribute. Be sure to check the scope tree, Corticon does not remove attributes from the scope tree even if you remove the references to it in conditions or actions.

    James Arsenault  |  Product Development  |  Progress Software
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  • Thanks James for your response.

    However,the issue is not about the transient variable in vocaublary.The issue is about the   testsheets for output and expected columns.Whenever,we are introducing a new transient variable in vocabulary all my existing test cases when executed again they show a warning sign(indicating that expected and output column are not matching  because a of new transient variable introduced in vocabulary).so I need to correct all my testsheets and copy my output column values to expected for all testsheets.What I am looking is that once my main ruleflow executes in the end of ruleflow I want to remove all my transient varibales from memory itself.So that even when I am exeuting existing testsheets their is no change in output and expected columns because of transient variables.

    Please let me know if any suggestions on this.