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Create new array object as output


Create new array object as output

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I'm trying to create as a result a new object, but my problem is when I try to make a new Array.

My vocabulary I have:

Output with :

- nomCamp (string)

- validador (string)

Array of parametre

And parametre just have entity "valor".

At this moment it work just creating one new element, but I can't create an array of "Parametre"[Output.nomCamp='a',Output.validador='aaa',Output.parametre =[Parametre.valor = 'a']]

Can somedy help me?

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  • Parms.zipThis is quite easy to do if I understand correctly what your needs are. Attached you'll find a solution. The screenshot illustrate the rules.

  • Hi, it's more or less what I want, but with the difference I want to create Parametres in the output. Not take the values frome the input.

    I want to create new  Parameters in "Actions".

  • Why don't you give this a try:

    See rule assets attached.