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Lead distribution for real estate agents


Lead distribution for real estate agents

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How to build lead distribution in rollbase

Use case

1. Contact gets created from form or API call

2. 5 Users are in rollbase

3. Depending on rule setup like zip code  or  price range assign the contact to one of the User


4 If its round robin then it will assign the contact to each users in round robin fashion

Need help

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  • There are lots of ways to approach this; at  the core you'll be making calls from Rollbase to Corticon for each new lead and using rules in Corticon to determine how to assign the lead. How complex the rules are depends on the complexity of your assignment policies. Suppose for each lead you pass

    - Contact Name

    - Contact ZIP Code

    to Corticon, the simplest policy could have assign to a region or individual based on the zip code. Corticon would pass back to Rollbase something like

    - Assigned Sales Rep

    which Rollbase would then store and possibly fire additional triggers on, like an an email notification to the rep.

    Reality would make this more complex; there are a large number of zipcodes and you probably don't want the reps hard coded in the rules (that would be more difficult to maintain). It's likely that you would either pass additional information from Rollbase to Corticon or from Corticon call back to Rollbase or other external services to get additional information for use in the rules. Some possibilities

    - A database query or service call which maps a zipcode to region

    - A database call to get the list of reps in a region and their current lead allocation

    Round robin allocation would need to occur within a region; storing the last lead allocation date/time with each rep would allow you to use that info to assign leads to the rep who has gone the longest without a new lead.

    Even in a round robin approach you could bring additional informationi into the assignment strategy; for example you might include information on the type of industry of the lead, potential deal size, past contact with the lead, etc.

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