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How to create corticon vocabulary using java?

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  • This is not something we can answer in a straightforward manner, as it depends … The Corticon vocabulary is based on the Eclipse Modelling Framework and the vocabulary file is stored in an XML based ECORE file with a number of Corticon specific annotations which are automatically added when an ECORE file is opened in Corticon Studio. Please use Google to search how you can programmatically create ECORE files. There are tons of hits.
    Writing your java program really depends on what the basis of your future ECORE looks like (database tables, UML diagrams, java business objects, …). You’ll also have to manage changes to the original artefacts and how that translates to an updated vocabulary on the Corticon side whilst preserving changes you manually made to the original vocabulary file in Studio (like adding transient attributes). This begs the question how often you want to (re)generate a vocabulary from xyz and what would be the business objective to justify the investment to write a utility. It is pretty quick and straightforward to create a vocabulary in Studio after all… and very often you only need a small subset of entities/attributes in your decisions as compared overall structure of your data.
    Perhaps you can shed some more light on your objectives and reasons as to why you need an utility.

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  • Here's an example application (written in C#) on how to create vocabularies using the vocabulary model api.

    YouTube demo (:33) 

    GitHub repo

    If you download the Corticon Foundation library from the ESD site it will have everything including examples.

    Or you can download just the sample java from here:

    Look in the and you can find these java samples: