‘old’ is not an operator.
It’s simply an extra attribute you add to the entity so you can distinguish the newly created ones from any pre-existing ones.
When you refer to an Entity in the scope it automatically means all of the entities (even if there is only one it’s still a collection).
In most cases when dealing with collections you need to use aliases to refer to the collection (or an instance within the collection).
As in this example
This will work even if there are many new instances
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Update from Progress Community

I don't need the sum of all the instances created . Instead, I need to use the specific value created using .new operator for future reference.

Let me show you an example ,


I have created instances using .new & .newUnique for same Entity_2. I need to access the value that is created by the entity in my second rule sheet as shown below.

I got the following output

I just wanted to know the location where the new instances are stored

To be more specific I need to access just a particular value from my newly created instances

Can you help me out of this?

Is collection or aliases the only option to store the new instances?

In which version does the .old operator is available?

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