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  • Hi,

    Please suggest how to set the path of properties override files (brms.properies) for corticon server.



  • needs to be created and placed in the CORTICON_WORK_DIR location for Corticon Server.

  • You will  find this KB article useful:

  • I found it useful too!  I wondered about that when I was tweaking CcConfig.jar for .NET server log settings. Seems obvious enough…
  • For .NET you are free to use the, but it is easy to edit the other  .properties file available in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\axis\conf and you don't have to tweak the CcConfig.jar

  • As per the documentation, the needs to be placed in the corticon_home directory, which in my case in application server home directory (Corticon Work: /usr/local/apache-tomcat-7.0.62/bin) . Please suggest if there is any way to change this default home directory.



  • See

    Corticon is using CORTICON_HOME system variable, which is set in \bin\corticon_env.bat. You can modify it there. You can also set it globally or pass to the server using -D option.


  • Thank you for your response, however, the corticon server is created by deploying axis.war file on the tomcat on Unix machine. On this Unix machine, there is no bin\corticon_env.bat file.

    Please give more detail about how to use -D option.

  • On Unix you can set CORTICON_HOME by running:

    export CORTICON_HOME=<path>

    on the command line before you start the server.

  • Hi Archana,
    The easiest way to set the CORTICON_HOME and CORTICON_WORK_DIR is to pass them as a JVM environment argument.  You can do that by setting the CATALINA_OPTS environment variable:

    Prashant Thumma | Software Architect - Progress Corticon |

  • Thanks,

    That resolved my problem.