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Business Object Listeners failed to compile


Business Object Listeners failed to compile

  • Hi All,

    I am getting the below error when I am calling the precompile method to generate the eds file.However  when  I am  precompiling the same file using deployment console, it is able to generate the eds file successfully

    Error Details

    *** Business Object Listeners failed to compile. Decision Service SNAP_Ruleflow major version 1 minor version 0 is deployed to only accept XML Payloads.
    Please review log file for compiler errors.


    package com;

    import com.corticon.service.ccdeploy.exception.CcDeployFileOrDirNotFoundException;
    import com.corticon.service.ccdeploy.exception.CcDeployInvalidArgumentException;
    import com.corticon.service.ccdeploy.exception.CcDeployInvalidDecisionServiceException;
    import com.corticon.service.ccserver.exception.CcServerInvalidSandboxException;
    import com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.ICcServer;
    import com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.impl.CcServerImpl;

    public class TestPrecompile
    public static void main(String[] args) throws CcServerInvalidSandboxException, CcDeployFileOrDirNotFoundException, CcDeployInvalidArgumentException {
    TestPrecompile TCP = new TestPrecompile();



    public void checkPrecimplileService() throws CcServerInvalidSandboxException, CcDeployFileOrDirNotFoundException, CcDeployInvalidArgumentException

    ICcDeploy deploy = new CcDeploy();
    ICcServer server= new CcServerImpl();

    try {
    deploy.precompileDecisionService("C:\\Jigesh....P_Ruleflow.erf", "SNAP_Ruleflow", "C:\\Jigesh...Rule_Flow", true); //have removed the full path
    } catch (CcDeployInvalidDecisionServiceException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    .eds file generation through Console

    Also I am unable to find the error logsI.what location should i search

  • This error occurs if your rules use business objects and they are not in the class path when compiling the ruleflow to .eds

    - Jan

  • The Vocab that you have used for the .eds  creation, has OM metadata. If this is indeed the case that you will have to add the BO s to your Classpath in order to not see this error message. Alternatively, you can clear the JOM metadata from the Vocab being used for .eds creation and then creating the .eds.

  • I have tried adding the BOs but now m getting the below error

    Cc|2015-09-11 12:17:58.701|Thread:Thread-7|Version: -b6506(5.4.6506)|sjigesh|ERROR|com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.compile.AntCompileImpl$AntProcessRunner| - Unable to compile Java code (return value 1):



    no main manifest attribute, in C:/Users/sjigesh/workspace/Corticon/Corticon/lib/CorticonServer.jar

    Cc|2015-09-11 12:18:03.057|Thread:main|Version: -b6506(5.4.6506)|sjigesh|ERROR||com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.compile.CcJavaCompilerException: - Unable to compile Java code (return value 1):



    no main manifest attribute, in C:/Users/sjigesh/workspace/Corticon/Corticon/lib/CorticonServer.jar

    Object state for: null: null

    at com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.compile.AntCompileImpl.callJavaCompileOutOfProcess(

    at com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.compile.AntCompileImpl.callJavaCompile(

    at com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.compile.AntCompileImpl.compileInternal(

    at com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.compile.AntCompileImpl.compile(

    at com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.CcServerUtils.compileRuleflow(

    at com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.CcServerUtils.compileRuleflow(

    at com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.impl.CcServerImpl.precompileDecisionService(

    at com.corticon.eclipse.server.core.impl.CcServerImpl.precompileDecisionService(

    at com.TestPrecompile.checkPrecimplileService(

    at com.TestPrecompile.main(

    Original Compilation Exception

  • I'd encourage you to open a support case to resolve these issues occurring during compile.

    - Jan

  • But the same thing is working when I am creating a eds through console.I feel that it should be  work here also

  • Additionaly, I have also tried removing the Business Object jars to check if I am getting the Business Object error  mentioned above. But even after removing them I m still getting the "no main manifest attribute" error.

    I feel some files/ data/  cache  needs to be cleared

  • Guys need your help to get this issues resolved.I am unable to figure out the issue I am getting  for PrecompileService.

    When I call the precompile method it is throwing Failed to compile Ruleflow earliexception

    Earlier , I was getting “Business Object Listeners failed to compile” error. When I added the BO jars I didn’t got the same error however I am getting “Failed to compile Ruleflow earliexception”

    I even tried to reproduce the BO error by removing BO jars but even after removing the Jars I am still getting “Failed to compile Ruleflow exception” Do I need to clear any files/cache?

    When I try to convert the erf file to eds through Deployment Console with the same erf file that I used for calling precompile method it worked fine.

    I am unable to understand how I can get this issue resolved.I firmly believe that if console is able to convert the files then precompile method should also be able to convert it.

    Is there some other way I can convert erf to eds programmatically?