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EDC-connection (JDBC) with SQL Server on Azure (SSL)


EDC-connection (JDBC) with SQL Server on Azure (SSL)

  • I found out that it took some trial to connect to a remote SQL Server-database, which is hosted in Microsoft's Azure cloud-environment, using the Enterprise Data Connector (EDC).

    As Azure's SQL Server requires SSL to connect, finding the right connect-string required resulted in many errors. The EDC-documentation (up to version 5.4.1) unfortunately lacks any information about this. Thanks to  and a little bit of tweaking, I got things working. It might help others in the future and spare some valuable time.

    Enter the following in the Database Connection-pane, at the Database Access-tab of your vocabulairy (with Studio in Integration & Deployment-mode): 

    Database Server:
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012

    Database URL:


    At the additional properties-fields of the Database Access-tab, add the following values:

    Property Name Property Value
    EncryptionMethod loginSSL
    ValidateServerCertificate true

    Please note that the hostNameInCertificate value starts with *. In some cases this might cause an error, where EDC will tell you what URL to use instead (for instance, data.am1-3.database.windows.net).

    A Database Connection might look like this (with fictional database-URL):

  • Thanks for the information. SQL Azure is not a platform we have tested previously.

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