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Corticon Tutorial, Using EDC


Corticon Tutorial, Using EDC

  • Hi,
    I was going through “Corticon Tutorial: Using Enterprise Data Connector (EDC)” tutorial. I was following the instruction in the tutorial word by word. Initially I was using Oracle 11g Express Edition to do the tutorial. However, I could not successfully complete “Read-only database access in a Studio test” section in the tutorial. The output of the test was not populated from DB. Only Cargo.manifestNumber had value in my output.
    I thought I could solve this problem using SQL Server 2008 R2 as in the tutorial SQL Server is used. In the “Read-only database access in a Studio test” section I am also facing an issue. When I click “Run All Tests” I am receiving “Vocabulary mappings do not match database schema: Missing table: Aircraft”. I have verified that there is Aircraft table under Cargo schema in SQL Server 2008.  Moreover, I have done the Validate Mappings in Vocabulary. I received   “No mapping issues were detected” message.
    Has anyone encountered the same or similar problems before for Corticon Studio 5.4?  Can anyone suggest solution for this?
    Thank you.
  • Hi,

    I realized that password of SQL Server contained only numeric values. Please see the below note:

    Thanks Harold Jan Verlee for your help :)  Issue is resolved.  

  • Hello,
    I am still having the issue when I connect to Oracle 11g Express Edition. I can successfully test using Read/Update (Database Access) option. However, when I change to Read Only (Database Access) option then I am getting “missing table” error.
    Attached Studio’s log file.