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Corticon Rule Tracing


Corticon Rule Tracing

  • I have upgraded to the latest version 5.3.4 of Corticon, and would like to use the new Rule Tracing function. I have added the appropriate property (com.corticon.reactor.rulestatement.metadata=true) to the file.  The file was saved in the proper location (C:\Corticon\Studio for Analysts\configuration\com.corticon.brms).  After restarting Corticon, I do not see the rule tracing.  Am I missing something?

  • Hello,

    Can you confirm that the rule sheet has rule statements in them.

    It is also possible that the file is not being picked up correctly / not recognized and the property is not taking effect.

    For more information, see section Tracing rule execution in the Rule Modeling Guide.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Jan,

    The rule statements are in the rule sheet.  I see messages when running the rule test.  I just don't see the trace.  I have followed the guidance in the Rule Modeling Guide as well as watched this youtube video showing the modification to the file ( .  

    A coworker attempted to try the same on his computer without any luck as well.  How do I ensure the file is being recognized?



  • Gary,

    We recommend you open a support case with us to determine why the is not being recognized.

    It is possible that the environment is corrupted or Studio is looking for the file elsewhere.



  • Thanks Jan,

    One last question ... Where do you find the serial number in Corticon?  It is not listed in the serial number cheat sheet document.


  • The serial number should be available with your purchase order.

    You can call Corticon support @ 781 280-4999 . Choose menu option 3-3 for Corticon Support and we can assist with finding your serial number.

    Customer Order management team can also help pull up your serial number .

    [ Tel: 781-280-4833, Email: ]

    More information on support and services can be found here:

    - Jan

  • Please make sure your rule assets are recompiled. In other words, the rule assets must somehow be a bit modified, resaved and recompiled in order to take in the changed rule trace parameter.