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Rulestest is running partially


Rulestest is running partially

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I am trying to run ruletest on my system, but the ruletest is running only partially and does not display all the sheets it hits. There is no error observed on the screen. please let me know how to proceed.

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  • A ruletest references a particular rulesheet or ruleflow you'd like to test. If you want to test a collection of rulesheets, make sure your test topic is a ruleflow. Based on your input data, your rules in this ruleflow will execute. Make sure each individual rule is documented, in other word, provide a rule statement which is linked to your formalized rules. Also make sure these rule statements are provided with a post instruction and proper alias reference. In your test you'll then see which rules were hit by your data just be monitoring the rule messages which were generated. If a rulesheet doesn't execute, make sure that your filter criteria are set properly. Sometimes you may inadvertently filter out parent entities, because child entities don't survive the filter. As a result, no data survives for your rules. Let us know if this works for you.