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remove transient variables


remove transient variables

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I want to remove all defined transient variables in end once my entire ruleflow is executed.The problem is whenever a new transient variable is introduced in vocabulary and whenever all the test sheets are executed, because of introduction of transient variable each and every ruletest sheet shows difference between output response and expected response beacause of newly introduced transient variable.I want a idea if I can remove all the transient variables in the end of my master flow so that the response(in corticon studio) for ruletest does not show information for transient variable and my output and expected always matches.

Any suggestions ideas are greatly aprreciated.


Kapil Mehta

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  • I'd suggest you use the functionality offered in the test sheet's expected pane to ignore validation of a (transient) attribute. You can do this for multiple attributes. There is an outstanding enhancement request to set "ignore validation" once for an attribute on an entity which will then apply to all entities passed in as a payload. You will now have to set it for each attribute in your expected pane. Hope this helps?

  • Thanks Harold. This will certainly help.However,I was looking if I can remove all the transient variables from memory at the end of my ruleflow.i.e. create a rulesheet and in that rulesheet remove all the transient variables  from memory.So that I do not need to worry about 'ignore validation' step for all my testsheets again & again.