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  • Hello,

    I've updated my CorticonStudio from 5.5.1 to When opening a rulesheet in it is automatically upgraded. After that gives error-messages on cell-expressions like not {{'PE', null} , null} as shown below :

    I do have many rulesheets with this kind of cell-expression. Looking at the expression itself it looks unnecessary complicated, but as i detected it in numerous of our rulesheets i suspect it was created by the completeness-check of previous studio-versions. Below is the part of the original .ers-file (before the upgrade) :

    <opaqueExpression expression="not (Product.Produktgroep_code = 'PE' or Product.Produktgroep_code = null) or Product.Produktgroep_code = null">
      <parserOutput xsi:type="com.corticon.rulesemf.asg:Expression" text="not ( Product.Produktgroep_code = 'PE' or Product.Produktgroep_code = null ) or Product.Produktgroep_code = null" datatype="Boolean" expressiontype="EXPRESSION" enumeration="false" cellValue="false">
          <terms text="Produktgroep_code" datatype="String" termtype="ATTRIBUTE" fulltext="Product.Produktgroep_code">
            <parentTerm text="Product" datatype="Product" termtype="ENTITY" fulltext="Product" variable="#//@ruleset/@logicalVariables.0"/>
    <viewExpressions lhs="Product.Produktgroep_code" rhs="{not {'PE', null}, null}"/>

    How can i solve his problem?



  • Sounds an awful lot like:


    This is indeed a defect, work around is provided as well (but you probably thought of that 'work around' yourself!

  • Ruben, that indeed looks familiar. Note that this issue occurs in RuleSheets being generated by version 5.4 of Studio when upgrading to 5.5.x.

  • Indeed sounds a lot like this article discribes. I found that the workaround only works partially and that the problem is not related to 5.4-, nor 5.5.1-, but the cell-editor in Ater entering the correct expression manually the cell-editor changes the expresssion and shows the decribed error. Only removing the column and re-running the completeness-checker results in the desired cell-expression and no error is shown. And not it comes : if re-entering the shown cell-expression again manually it results in the decribed error again!