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  • I am trying to automate the Progress Corticon Deployment console process. Below is what I am trying to achieve

    1. Open Progress Corticon Deployment Console
    2. Add Vocabulary file and then
    • Angel select type as xml schema
    • Beer select xml messaging style as Heir
    • Coffee Click Generate Service Contracts.
    • It will generate a .xsd file.

      I have written the below C# code to invoke the Deployment Console.

      static void Main(string[] args)
          ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo(@"C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Corticon 5.4\Server .NET\samples\bin\DeploymentConsole.exe");

      However I want to pass the arguments i.e. the ecore file, type as xml schema and Messaging style as Heir which will generate the .xsd file.

      Please let me know what code should I write so that corticon will receive the arguments and generate the .xsd file or some better where i can convert the .ecore to xsd.

      Plz help this will solve my prob as we normal convert at 15  files daily which is a tedious process 

  • Hi,

    I only have some suggestions :

    - May be it is easier to automate using the API methods (there is one called precompileDecisionService...)

    - Corticon integration and deployment guide is talking about "Silent compilation of multiple Decision Services" : you can put all ruleflows you wan inside a  file called multipleCompilation.xml and about a multipleCompilation.bat that can inspire you...

    - If you have Visual Studio 2012 ultimate or higher, perhaps you can register a windows UI test and then analyze the generated code?

    Hope this can help you.

  • Thanks.

    Can you please explain how can can do it using programatically using the API  Methods.Appreciate if you can provide code snippet

  • Please review KB article below for detailed API methods:

    - Jan

  • FYI, Corticon 5.5.1 will provide new command line utilities to build and test decision services. This is to allow you to more easily script these activities. Below is a synopsis of the new feature. I think it will provide what you’re looking for. It’s scheduled to ship the end of September. Dates may change but that it’ll be out fairly soon may impact how much you decide to invest into your own utility.
    corticonManagement --compile --help output:
    usage: compile 
    -e,–edc <R/RW> enable EDC (read only or read write access mode) in the decision service 
    -h,--help print this message 
    -i,--input <file> ruleflow (.erf file) to compile 
    -o,--output <folder> folder to place the decision service (.eds file) file in 
    -s, --service the name of the decision service 
    -v,--version append the ruleflow version to the .eds name
    corticonManagement --schema --help output:
    usage: schema 
    -h,--help print this message 
    -i,--input <File> vocabulary (.ecore file) or ruleflow (.erf file) to create schema for 
    -m,--messagestyle <FLAT/HIER> message style for schema 
    -n,--net                        create a .NET schema 
    -o,--output <folder>            folder to place the schema (.wsdl or .xsd) file in 
    -s, --service <name> the name of the decision service 
    -t,--type <WSDL/XSD> type of schema to generate 
    -u,--url <Address> server URL to substitute in WSDL schema
    corticonManagement --test --help output:
    usage: test 
    -a,--all run all test sheets in the ruletest 
    -h,--help print this message 
    -ll,--loglevel <Level>     level of detail to write to log file 
    -lp,--logpath <Path>       directory path for log file 
    -i,--input <File> ruletest (.ert file) to run 
    -o,--output <File> file to contain output of test run 
    -s,--sheet <Sheet names> comma separated list of test sheets to run
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    Please review KB article below for detailed API methods:

    - Jan

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  • Thanks James.

    The problem that we have is our release has been scheduled on Dec and the management has decided to stick to 5.4.1 till December. So I m afraid that we would not be able to use this utility until dec end.

    So do we have have a workaround where I can just pass these arguments to jar which will help me to script and manage the conversion part