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Yes, you can use temp-tables for Dynamic Lookups and Dynamic Combos. This however is only available from V2 onwards. If you are running Dynamics V2 then you are all set. Have a look at the SmartDataField Maintenance spec available on possenet for more details on how to implement this.


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Does anyone know of a way to populate a lookup based on derived data stored in a temp-table (i.e. a procedural, client-side temp-table, not temporay tables from the temp-DB database).


Our system is a property (as in real estate) based system. We have debtor accounts which may be directly or indirectly associated with each property via an intemediary table (there may be several association 'types', per account, to the property). I want to build a temporary table of all the account numbers (with no duplication) associated with the property (I cannot identify the account numbers with a single query - hence the need for the temp-table). I then want to base the lookup on the contents of that table.





Brandon Greyvenstein


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