Webinar OpenEdge 11.7

With our latest release—OpenEdge 11.7—you can build, scale and protect mission-critical business applications that continuously evolve with the business.

In this webinar, Colleen Smith, Vice President and General Manager of Progress OpenEdge, Rob Straight, Senior Principal Product Manager and Tanya O’Connor, Senior Product Marketing Manager will take you through…

  • The unwavering Progress commitment to OpenEdge
  • Highlights of OpenEdge 11.7 capabilities such as high availability to keep downtime at bay, the new OpenEdge Authentication Gateway to fortify your security strategy, how you can keep information flowing and operate at scale through the new OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC), plus much more
  • New SQL, installation and user-requested enhancements
  • A live question and answer session

Register now and learn how OpenEdge 11.7 can help you build and deploy the high-performing, innovative, and elegant business applications that help you gain and keep your competitive edge.

Register: prgress.co/2nZa7po