The Progress Community code share functionality offers community users the ability to share, discuss and collaborate on their code share project repository contributions from within the Progress Community.

The aim is to facilitate like minded members to collaborate within the Progress Community on projects that they have stored in code share repositories such as GitHub, Bitbucket, Google Code or OE Hive. Members can choose the platform of their choice, manage their repositories on any of these hosted solutions and at the same time expose your projects within the Progress Community.
The interface to facilitate this in the community is easy to use and we strongly encourage you to try it and share your projects.

Getting Started

Code share is easily accessible from the Community homepage via the “Code Share” Tab.

When a user clicks on this tab, the most recent code share group posts are displayed in chronological order. You can click on any of the post link to be taken to the code share catalogue within the code share group.

To go to the code share group page from the Community homepage, click on “See All Projects”:

Code Share Overview Page

As a registered community member, you can view assets relating to code share projects that have been posted within the code share group.  To add a project or to add comments to projects of other members, you need to join the Code Share group. We encourage all users to join the Code Share group.

The Overview tab displays an overview of the code share group including recent posts and group activity.

The Catalogue tab displays a list of all code share projects that have been added by group members. Code Share group members can add their projects and comment on the projects of others within the catalogue section.

The Forum tab takes the user to a forum where group members can start new forum threads or reply to other forum thread posts.

The Document tab contains a repository of documents pertaining to the code share community group.  Documents in this area are maintained by the Progress community administrator.



Create a Code Share Project

There are two ways for Code Share group members to create a code share post (your project.)

From the community Code Share group page, click Create New Post and then choose Add a Page to Code Share.


Or click on the Catalogue Tab and click the Create Project link under the Member Options heading.

Enter the details of your project in the code share form (Fig below).

Repository Title* -- Enter the title of your code share project.

Description* -- Enter a description for your code share project.

Source code URL* -- Enter the URL of the repository where your project is stored where users can view your project code e.g. https://github.com/{project Name}. Users can view your project code here.

Website URL -- Enter the URL of the web-site where your project is deployed, where users can interact with and learn about the functionality of your project.  

Tags -- Enter tags to help categorize your project. We strongly encourage you to add tags to your project as it will assist others to find your project using the community search functionality.

(*) Denotes mandatory fields.

Once you have entered the appropriate details for your project, click “Submit Project”.

After you have submitted your project, it will be part of the Catalogue and will be searchable via the community search and other members will be able to comment on it and access it via the URLs you provided.