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multiple Progress / QAD postions

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multiple Progress / QAD postions

  • My name is Jay Kernes and I work for Certec Consulting a recruiting and consulting firm. we have a number of openings if you are interested:


    Code                     Location               Skill        Type

    BMSQL117          Seattle, WA        SQL with SAP and Salesforce       contract

    BMOH928            Columbus, OH   QAD                                                       perm

    BMMA925           Worcester, MA Progress OpenEdge                        perm

    BMWA101           Bellevue, WA     Amazon Web Services (AWS)     contract

    BMTX84P             Temple, TX         QAD Programmer                            perm

    BNVH225             Plymouth, MI    NVH Engineer                                    perm

    BMMI215            Plymouth, MI    QAD                                                       perm

    BMCT219             Vienna, VA         Java                                                       perm

    BPA814P              Harrisburg, PA   Progress OE10                                   perm

    BCA62                   Dublin, CA           Progress v10 UNIX/AIX .Net        perm

    BDC221                 Vienna, VA         WebSpeed or Javascipt/HTML   contract



  • Jefte_Villar_profile.doc
    Hello Jey,

    I'm interesed on QAD positions: BMOH928 and BMMI215.

    Please refer to my resumee as attachment.


    Jefte Villar