Sitefinity 12.2.7221.0 Release Notes

What’s fixed:

  • Moving a library to Amazon S3 storage provider with CDN results in 404 responses for some documents.
  • Blog widget throws an exception when deleting a page which is set as the default page for a blog on the site. (FP)
  • Sitemap: Pages are not included in the sitemap when missing translation in the default language. (FP)
  • The "Set predefined values for widget properties" functionality doesn't work for MVC FormField widgets.
  • Thumbnail of video not showing when in Multilingual (when switch libraries in different providers e.g DB and Filesystem)
  • Fixed the behavior of "PageSiteNode.GetCustomFieldValue" to return correct value when language is not set.
  • Email Settings in Basic settings page uses a shorter regex for email validation. (FP)
  • Can't edit custom Model in Advanced settings.
  • Exception during upgrade to 12.1.
  • Confidentiality problem with dynamic module permissions in Classic Interface. (FP)
  • You can't use HTML inside a success message of a form.
  • Disable the limit of active simultaneous backend users field is not working when using a front-end login page. (FP)

New content editing experience:

  • New Interface: Hyperlinks with relative url in rich test editor are saved as absolute URLS in DB. (FP)
  • Can't connect to sharepoint online when AdminApp is enabled.