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 Patch Notifications and Release Notes

Sitefinity 8.2 Internal Builds

  • Sitefinity 8.2 Internal Builds
  • Sitefinity 8.2 Internal Builds
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5901.0 Version Notes

     What's fixed


    • Lists module works slowly with higher number of items (FP)


    • Search Results widget renders Html from a styled LongText field in a dynamic module's child content type (FP)

    Forms in MVC

    • ML: Exception when try to submit form with captcha field in non-default language
    • Search in form responses doesn't work
    • "Collection is read-only" when trying to upload a file in a MVC widget


    • Mobile App Builder: The design of the icon selector is broken in IE
    • Output cache is not working properly for authenticated frontend users
    • Personalization: Long segments name is not displayed correctly in the main menu
    • Upgrade status page: Date is not presented when region format is different from English (United States)
    • Postpone sending restart NLB message until application finishes bootstrapping (in case of soft restart)
    • Error when programmatically try to create a relationship to a Live dynamic module item
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5902.0 Version Notes

    What's fixed

    • Unable to precompile pages with MVC widgets (FP)


    • Updating the case of an email address in the subscribed list of email addresses throws a duplicate key exception (FP)


    • When editing an event through the Dashboard and change the event's dates, the dates are not calculated correctly (FP)
    • Events approval through Dashboard do not calculate time correctly (FP)


    • Sitemap document links for different sites get cached linking to the last generated sitemap in multisite (FP)


    • Control properties are set to default culture ones for split pages when upgrading from version 6.2 or bellow (FP)


    • Feather official release notes are available here.
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5903.0 Version Notes

    What's fixed


    • Backend page search does not work in default language (FP)


    • Search results return documents not available in the current site language (FP)


    • Problems in page selectors for the forum widget in multilingual mode (FP)


    • Form cannot be edited after changing Multiple Choice Field properties (FP)
    • Site link in the form response notification is incorrect in multisite scenario (FP)

    Address field

    • Some countries are missing from the country field (FP)

    UX improvements

    • Translations: Filtering section not aligned correctly in project items list when item names are long

    • Translations: Filtering section not aligned correctly in project items list when vertical scroll is visible
    • Translations: Loading on filters is not visible in project items list


    • Timed events don`t calculate correctly daylight saving in the exported event (FP)
    • Invalid .ics files are generated when exporting events
    • Link to internal page is not exported to Outlook/ICal
    • Image/video/doc in events desciption are not expoted to ical/outlook/google calendar
    • Wrong end time of exported recurrent normal event to ical/outlook
    • Add a recurring event to calendar has the wrong end date


    • Feather official release notes are available here.
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5904.0 Version Notes

    What's fixed

    Bug: Search: Cannot search in media content in monolingual after reindex
    Bug: Search results return documents not available in the current site language

    Feedback: All day events without end date are displayed as infinite by the Calendar view (FP)
    Feedback: Redirect on logout does not work properly in case Sitefinity is subsite (FP)
    Feedback: View link for duplicated child page in draft mode is incorrect
    Feedback: Broken links in content blocks after migration from single to multisite (FP)

    What's done
    Upgraded grunt tasks of assets in Feather
    Upgraded grunt tasks in DevMagazine
    Upgraded grunt tasks in Bootstrap package to latest versions


    Feather official Release notes are available here.

  • Sitefinity 8.2.5905.0 Version Notes

    What's fixed

      • Lists module advanced settings missing resource label. (FP)
      • Search results doesn't render properly the blog posts url when they are in separate details page. (FP)
      • Sitefinity cannot initialize when the search module is disabled. (FP)
      • A user should not be able to see a library if he doesn't have permissions for it. (FP)
      • Mouse Click event doesn't fire when browsing image gallery in chrome on Windows Surface devices. (FP)
      • Deleted page not visible in list of changes to be synchronized. (FP)
      • Shared content block selector could not display more than 50 items. (FP)
      • Shared Events and Workflow: User can't send for approval an event that has been published (FP)
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5906.0 Version Notes

    What's fixed

    Media Content
    • Fixed wrong label in SingleMediaContentItemSelectorView. (FP)
    • Event date range in Events Selector shows '&ndash' instead of '-' between the dates.
    • DisplayName attribute breaks field value input. (FP)
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5907.0 Version Notes

    What's fixed

    • Responsive design transformations override the margins of the layout control for all columns except the first (FP)
    • When the current page is in Turkish culture and the current page theme contains an upper "I", an invalid virtual path is generated for the compiler.
    • Sitefintiy Precompilation Tool now ignores errors during compilation - the tool attempts to output compiled assembly excluding the failed files.
  • Sitefinity  8.2.5908.0 Version Notes

    What’s fixed


    • Unpublish and Delete content latency issues with publishing pipes (FP)
    • Widget personalization throws service error in non-default site in multisite
    • Improvements in Sitemap generation by Sitefinity in order to fully comply with Google standards
    • Fixed recurring events issues when added to Google Calendar (FP)

      Known Issues

      • Recurring events with repeat configuration of kind: The first Wednesday of …, are not supported by google calendar;
      • Recurring events without end date are not supported by Google calendar

    DEC Connector

    • Sentence is not sent for forms when WaitForOutputCacheToFill option is set to true - exception is thrown
    • Sentence is not sent for forms when UseAjaxSubmit option is set to true – exception is thrown


    What’s new


    • Introduced “VaryBy” backend configurations for output caching (FP)
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5909.0 Version Notes

    What’s fixed?

    • Backend area breaks when browsing a Sitefinity 8.2 project using native IE 9. (FP)
    • Forum attachment files are not deleted when the attachment is removed from the post in the backend (FP)
    • Page selector in multisite: selecting in different sites after changing languages prevents page selection (FP)
    • Forms: Multiple choice validation message not being persisted (FP)
    • Site sync: entering server url with /sitefinity and incorrect user credentials results in successful test connection message (FP)
    • Related items are not shown in Preview mode in case displayed as simple links. (FP)
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5910.0 Version Notes

    What’s fixed?

    • Regular expression for Pages additional URLs cannot be modified. (FP)
    • Google Calendar - incorrect end time if you have Monthly or Yearly or Weekly event with NO end date. 
    • Export recurrent events that repeat weekly on a day to google calendar is not exporting event occurrences.
    • Outlook Calendar - incorrect end time if you have Monthly or Yearly or Weekly or Daily event with NO end date.
    • Forum attachments disappear after editing item in the backend.
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5911.0 Version Notes

    What’s fixed?

    • Forums module running without level 2 caching in load balanced environment throws Index was outside the bounds of the array.(FP)
    • Template controls editable on pages: different control properties loaded. (FP)
    • Uploading second document in IE 11 breaks the second uploaded document. (FP)
    • Open internal class LuceneQueryBuilder in order to use CreateGroup and AddTerm methods passing in parameters to search queries. (FP)
    • Upload additional documents text is not correct. (FP)
    • Incorrect date and time is shown when item is scheduled (FP)
    • Subpage permissions not inherited correctly (FP)


    This release includes the new Feather 1.4.420.0.

    Incorrect date and time is shown when item is scheduled
  • Sitefinity 8.2.5912.0 Version Notes

    What’s fixed?

    • Canonical URLs for static pages with pagination should contain the page number (FP)
    • Taxonomies widget ShowItemsCount includes deleted content items (FP)
    • Analytics module configurations have invalid resources (FP)
    Site Sync API
    • Using the SetSites filter will not persist the value to the call, causing it to fail (FP)
    • ServiceStack metadata page is now disabled by default
    • Feather official release notes are available here

  • Sitefinity 8.2.5913.0 Version Notes

    What’s fixed?


    • All products appear locked in the backend if one is locked on the current page (FP)


    • When showing more than 6 videos in Chrome the widget breaks (FP)


    • Reindexing products custom fields sets them empty (FP)


    • Content selector could not display more than 50 items (FP)
    • Checking IsUserLimitReached can cause table lockout (FP)


    • Feather official release notes are available here