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Reset admin pasword from database

  • Reset admin pasword from database
  • Hey,

    I fogot my admin password and smtp settings are not seted. Can I copy my hashed pasword from other sitefinity project (where i know pasword) and replace pasword with it? Or is it hashed with different key?
  • To reset a users password, you could try this:

    1. Open SQL Management Studio
    2. Select your database
    3. Edit the sf_users table
    4. For the 'admin' user :
        4.1 set column 'salt' to NULL (ctrl-zero)
        4.2 set column 'password_format' to 0 (zero)
        4.3 set the column 'passwd' to the plain text password you want.
    5. Save the row

    You should now be able to log in with the password specified.
  • This works. So once we've logged in, how do we change the password back to being salted? I used the profile to change my password but upon looking back at the database it is still unsalted.
  • Anyone ever figure this one out (the re-salting)?
  • not sure this helps...but what I did was null the salt, change the format to a 0, change the password as well. And then I created a "new admin" user, copied the salt, format, and password hash over. and was then able to change the password accordingly once the new salt was in place.
  • @Dustin ...that's just brilliantly simple :)  Nice job!
  • if the above solutions fails then you can also take help from SQL Password Recovery Tool to reset admin password from database