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jQuery conflict

  • jQuery conflict
  • Hello,

    We use a lot of our own made widgets which require jQuery on our website. Because most pages don't include a Sitefinity widget we include it ourselves in the masterpage.

    The problem is that when we do include a Sitefinity widget together with our own widgets jQuery gets loaded in twice and breaks our widgets (<function> is not a function for example.)

    Is there a way in .NET to exclude the sitefinity version of the jQuery?
    Another possibility is to use the scriptmanager so instead of linking to our own file we can use the integrated Sitefinity jQuery, problem is that this also loads a whole lot of other (unused) scripts which makes loading times too long. Is there a way to tell the scriptmanager which scripts to load and more importantly, which not to load?

    Best regards,
  • How are you loading jquery in your widgets?

    You SHOULD be using the ResourceLinks control as it can detect if a script is already loaded and not load it twice...it also can load jQuery for you...

  • Hi,
    The address of the above link has changes to: