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Applying custom styles to RadEditor - Sitefinity v7.1

  • Applying custom styles to RadEditor - Sitefinity v7.1
  • Hi,

    I'm trying to add some custom styles to the RadEditor by adding my custom stylesheet via Settings > Advanced > Appearance > Rad Editors content area CSS file > path to stylesheet. 

    When I go into the RadEditor I can see that my stylesheet has loaded using the Developer Tools in Chrome yet they do not appear in the styles dropdown. I have restart IIS and rebuilt my solution yet they are still missing. 

    Am I missing something or is there an easier way to add custom styles for users to be able to add to the content blocks?



  • Thanks Bilyana - all working.

  • Hello Richard,

     You can navigate to Administration->Settings->Global Settings->Text editor, where you can edit the default tool set. Under the <root> node you can add a cssFiles section, which contains the links to the stylesheets you want to use.

        <item name="~/css/sitestylesheet.css" />

    This would load all css classes from the stylesheet in the RadEditor. If want to explicitly list the classes you want listed you can add the <classes> section as well:

        <class name="Red Text" value=".redText" />