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Claims authentication and persistent login problem

  • Claims authentication and persistent login problem
  • I have a code snippet which is supposed to do programmatic login using a custom membership provider. We use claims authentication with Sitefinity 7.1.  For some reason the persistent flag seems not to work.

    var authenticationResult = SecurityManager.AuthenticateUser("Pivotal.MembershipProvider", userName, password, rememberMe);

    I did some digging inside the code and found a place which I believe is responsible for setting the cookie, There the code checks for Authentication mode and sets the cookie only if mode is Forms.

    So my question is -- how to make this functionality available in Claims authentication mode ?

    if (SecurityManager.AuthenticationMode == Telerik.Sitefinity.Security.Configuration.AuthenticationMode.Forms)<br>          SecurityManager.SetAuthenticationCookie(SystemManager.CurrentHttpContext.Response, manager.Provider.Name, user, rememberMe, issueDate);
  • Hello,

    The persistent flag will now persist the user unless the setting in Administration->Settings->Advanced->Security AuthCookiePersisten is checked. Go and update this setting to persist the auth cookie.

    Stanislav Velikov
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  • That worked. Thank you !