I've basically been thrown in the deep end to see if I can figure this out.  I've never used Sitefinity before (never even heard of it before I started this job), and need to see if this is even possible.  

I'm working on Sitefinity CMS 11.0.

Here is the whole idea -

Basically, I would like to take a News Item in the system, and add a custom flag to it that tells me to gate related media content.  Then if this item is marked to gate and if this news item has any related media (pdf or video), then I want to do the following when this news article is viewed:

  • display the 'content' info
  • add a simple form for the user to enter name and email
  • email client that said user wanted to look at more info
  • display the pdf/video link 

I've only got middling experience with C# (mainly been using JavaScript and some VB.Net up to this point).  Could really use some advice on this!