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  • Anyone else having trouble with intellisense working on widget templates loaded from Thunder?  I thought this was a feature that was added in, but maybe I am wrong.

    Edit:  This is with the latest version of Thunder and Visual Studio 2012.  Intellisense for embedded templates does not work for sitefinity controls, but it does work for standard .NET controls.

    If I copy the template and make a physical copy of it into my solution then I can get intellisense with the sitefinity controls.  This, of course, defeats the purpose of using Thunder to quickly edit widget templates.

  • Hello Stacey,

    In order for you to get intellisense for a control in Sitefinity's assembly or any other assembly, the .ascx file should be in a web project that contains a reference to the control's assembly.

    We have added intellisense for the attributes of the widget's content item and Sitefinity's CSS classes in the default theme.

    If you need intellisense for any of the controls that are inside Sitefinity's assembly, I would suggest following these steps:
    1. Create an empty .ascx file in the project.
    2. Open the widget template.
    3. Copy the widget template's content to the empty .ascx file.
    4. Edit the .ascx file.
    5. Copy the content of the .ascx file to the widget template.
    6. Save the widget template. This will automatically upload it back to the server.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance with the widget templates' intellisense.

    All the best,
    Marin Atanasov
    the Telerik team
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  • I knew about the toolbox items for the common data stuff, but Sitefinity  intellisense for these items with Eval("") and class="" was not working either.  I follow your answer on  intellisense for assembly controls, but it sounds like I should still be seeing some css and databinding intellisense which is not the case.
  • Re-installing the Thunder extension took care of my issue.