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Cannot deploy default project to Azure

  • Cannot deploy default project to Azure
  • Hello,

     I am running Visual Studio 2013 Update 5, and i try to deploy to an Azure Web app (B1). I haveinstalled Sitefinity trial, running the 'default' project alright on on SQL Server 2014.

    So far, i got "object not set to an instance of an object" in two different locations, and an addon Hang.

    1) First, i had no Azure SDK installed, and by clicking "Deploying Sitefinity to Windows Azure", i got that. Then I installed SDK 2.7, and kept getting it.

    Then i installed Win10, luckily i intended to do that before. And installed Azure SDK 2.6, and the above exception disappeared.

    2) Then i clicked all check boxes in Thunder deploy UI (Set up SF project for Azure deployment etc...). As i already had a Azure SQL created, it asked me to override it, it started doing something, but an Timeout error occured at some time, and the addon was still in progress but i could not close it.

    3) Then i deleted my SQL resource in Azure, rerun addon, it created the database and tables, then asked me to choose Azure subscription and import publish settings. NOTE: subscription dropdown is empty although i have logged in to my Azure Bispark subscription in VS. Anyway I browse for .publishsettings file , select it from a folder, and i get again "object not set to an instance of an object". If i do it again, without the database database migration, i get that exception again, and Visual Studio crashes.


    So, so far a Thunderous experience with Sitefinity;)

  • The 3) exception i guess, i was getting because i had not created credentials for Azure authentication, with Create button.

    But then, instead, i just published the project to Azure Web App by using Visual studio Publish Web feature. And all seems to work fine, as Thunder had prepared the project for publish with my previous attempts.


    But still, it is kinda disappointing experience. What kind of Azure integration improvements are you currently working on guys?