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Item Template inside Sitefinity

  • Item Template inside Sitefinity
  • Hi All,

    I'm designing a page using RadRotator, via sitefinity 4.0 and I want to know if it's possible to create ItemTemplate for a Rotator inside the sitefinity work area? I mean I don't want to go through the programming part inside visual studio or these stuffs...
  • Yes, actually I would be interested in this as well

    Now I realize that some coding will be involved to set the layouttemplatename in the control (sorry Negin :)  But I think the rotator control available is just literally the RadRotator control exposed, and that doesn't have a layouttemplate definition...I believe anyway)

    BUT!  Can I make that name inside the control load the definition from a backend defined widget template (like SitefinityWebApp.WidgetTemplates.MyNewTemplateName) or something....