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  • I need to assign my own thumbnail images to images in the image gallery. I also want to adjust the spacing between the items. There doesn't seem to be any way to do this. Am I missing something here.

    Also, if I were to want to create my own Sitefinity gallery control, where should I start? Or is there more functionality in the works that will be available soon?

  • Hello John,

    The thumbnail for the images cannot be changes easily. It is set from the LibraryHttpHandler and the Thumbnail property of the MediaContent does not have setter. You can change the thumbnail of the Videos only.

    You can control the spacing by modifying .sfimagesTmbList .sfimagesTmb css classes with an important statement. You can declare these css classes in your theme stylesheet and they will override the base classes.

    To create your own custom control you can use the fluent API to get the items


    Then you need to create your own custom widget and implement the selector and UI for it.

    Ivan Dimitrov
    the Telerik team
  • Thanks for the reply Ivan.

    I figured that was the case. It is disappointing that something cannot be done easily (or even done it seems) when I was told how everything in SF4 was going to be easily customized. When thumbnails are not consistently the same width to height ratio they look terrible on a page together. Heck, even the image selectors in the backend are square.

    You guys style your stuff so well, I am surprised this kind of thing is overlooked.
  • Hello,

    Are things any closer in having an ability to change the thumbnails to squares as shown in your interface. I find it odd that your team finds it important to show thumbnails as squares and that importance is not carried through. Spacing between different height:width ratios is ugly.

    Is there a way to replace the thumbnails with my own?