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Viewing Draft Content on Site

  • Viewing Draft Content on Site
  • I've asked this before but I'll ask it again.  Is there a way to preview draft content on the site?  Here's a link to a previous post:

    Let's say I have a published events page that lists all upcoming events.  I create a new event and save it as a draft.  I would like to preview what it looks like on the site before actually publishing it.  I understand that things can get tricky (causing end user confusing) because of publish dates and adding new controls to the page.  That said, I don't think preview mode should display draft content.  Preview is the current state of the page if you were to click publish.  I do think an additional status is needed, like "Draft".  Am I crazy for wanting this?  We have a complex workflow with different teams involved and the individuals that ultimately click "Publish" want to see the content exactly as it will look like on the site.
  • Hello Shawn,

    We added your request to our Feature Requests list (#100058).
    We will discuss internally on what would be the best way to achieve that.
    An implementation will be planned after the official release in January.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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