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Where's the twitter widget?

  • Where's the twitter widget?
  • I see the FB\Twitter libraries in bin, how do I implement the consuming of a feed?

    Is there a built-in way to do that?...easy enough to do, just wondering if I HAD to though :)

  • The twitter connector is built to add content from your news, events and blogs already. You need to set it up in Administration/Feeds and Notifications. My understanding is that the Facebook stuff is not ready.

    As far as widgets are concerned, There isn't any social widgets that is distributed with the base platform. You can download the Charity Starter Kit (www.sitefinity.com/givecamp.aspx) as it has a few basic Social media widgets built for it. 

    Myself and two other guys are packaging up the Social Media Widgets we built this weekend at Give Camp and will be releasing them open source on codeplex in a week or so (after we are absolutely sure it stable). It will include a Social Bar, Facebook Image Rotator, YouTube Video Rotator (with lightbox), Facebook Profile Status Widget, Flicker Rotator, Twitter Mention Bar and a few other goodies.
  • That sounds great - please keep us posted in here :)

    In the mean time i got the feed to twitter to "work" - it is posting to twitter but only posts article title with no link back to the website
  • Hi Steve,

    There are also Facebok, and Twitter public widgets in the Charity Starter kit.

    Radoslav Georgiev
    the Telerik team

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  • The widgets in the starter kit are a really good starting point.I hope that the widgets we are building can be used to learn more about building widgets. We have to do some hacks in the originals to get them to work properly, we are now going back and putting them into an assembly library to hopefully eliminate some of those hacks.

    Hopefully after we release these widgets Telerik will give us permission to go back and include those widgets in the compiled assembly since it is all open source (with recognition of Telerik's contribution). :)

    Right now we are working on the documentation and dealing with some issues with resources.